Our Mission

To champion social impact, push the limits of storytelling, create world-class content, and deliver unrivaled results for ourselves and our creative partners.

Our Story

Multihouse Entertainment was originally founded in 2018 by friends and filmmakers Michael Tessler, Julia Tranfaglia, and A.K. Moore. In its first four years it successfully produced a variety of original programming and content for both networks, streamers, and high-profile clients. Its team utilized a variety of mediums including film, television augmented reality, podcasts, and literature to create a wide array of epic intellectual property.

In 2022, Multihouse Entertainment was dissolved by its partners and was relaunched as Multihouse by the company’s principal founder Michael Tessler. During this relaunch Multihouse expanded its scope beyond its original vision as a production company, and has since become a competitive force in marketing, entertainment, and social impact storytelling.

Multihouse’s origins come from the unbreakable bond between best friends. Brandon Myers was the inseparable childhood best friend of Michael Tessler. Despite being diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy Duchenne and experiencing the struggles of a degenerative disease, Brandon was a relentless force of positivity and helped form the earliest incarnation of Multihouse. After Brandon’s passing in 2016, Michael dedicated his life to fulfilling both of their dreams. Michael would go on to produce his first feature film, move to Los Angeles, and become an award-winning film and television producer to honor his best friend’s legacy.

Today, because of Brandon, and the many friendships we’ve made along the way - we are a creative engine in multi-platform storytelling and creative marketing. Located in the heart of Hollywood in Los Angeles’ largest urban jungle - our story has only just begun.