Redcoats & Petticoats.png


Executive Producer - Michael Tessler
Consulting Producer - Margo Arceri
Director - A.K. Moore
Producer - Julia Tranfaglia
Producer - Dave Morrissey, Jr.
Adapted from "Redcoats and Petticoats" by Katherine Kirkpatrick

Adapted from the beloved children’s book of the same name, this proposed series retells the compelling history of George Washington’s Culper Spy Ring, a group of ordinary Americans whose espionage saved the fight for independence. In this Stranger Things-like narrative, we uncover the secrets of the American Revolution through the perspective of Anna Strong’s children, empathizing with their personal loss and a sense of helplessness during a crucial chapter of America’s history. It is, in many ways, a coming-of-age story not only for the children, but also for America.


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