Sandhi Gupta

Content Producer & Researcher

Sandhi Gupta (she/her) was raised in India and is film and television producer based in Los Angeles. Her passion for filmmaking and visual storytelling brought her to Full Sail University where she pursued a Bachelor’s in Film & TV Production. She graduated with an Advanced Achievement Award and with numerous film projects under her belt. Many of which gained acclaim in various national and international film festivals. Ever since, Sandhi has been working towards learning all aspects of the filmmaking process.

She successfully helped manage independent films (both shorts and features), narrative docs, episodic television, live events, and corporate media. By using skills she developed in assisting film producers and directors, Sandhi is able to foresee and plan for production and any obstacles that may arise. Sandhi believes, a well told visual story can touch millions of hearts and create a ripple effect of social good. With the dream of uncovering hidden treasures of history and charting a new course fo the future, Sandhi is focused on developing and producing content that will elevate the world and bring about positive and lasting change.