VoyageLA: Meet Cooper Hardin of Multihouse Entertainment in Hollywood

In Cooper Hardin’s one-on-one interview with VoyageLA, she highlights what makes the Multihouse company and team unique. Here’s what she has to say about the company and initiatives moving forward.

“Though it does feel a bit like something out of a movie, I’ve stumbled upon a group of doers who are shaking up the status quo of entertainment and in the process using the industry as a means to help people. And these doers have become my family. They are Multihouse. And our family is expanding.” This group of doers is constantly pushing new and creative solutions that challenge what’s possible.

Multihouse firmly believes that entertainment should be accessible and bring people together. Its core values of integrity, innovation, and community foster an ecosystem where diversity is celebrated and potential can be explored, all while making a difference in the world. “Moving forwards, the challenge we face as a company is helping others see not what already is, but what can be. Because we believe innovation isn’t always disruption, it’s evolution.”

As a pioneer in multi-platform content creation, Multihouse is advancing the entertainment industry through innovative technologies, responsible practices, and sustainable programs that reimagine what storytelling can do. “We are currently working on an as of now “Top Secret” tech product that we believe will shift the industry. We are banding together a team of developers to create a beta product, and we can’t wait to share our invention with the world!”


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