Tech Republic: Earth Day 2020: How 8 tech companies are doing their part

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Featured alongside NASA, Apple, and Microsoft, Michael Tessler, CEO and Founder of Multihouse, weighed in on his personal and professional commitment to green initiatives in Tech Republic’s article “Earth Day 2020: How 8 tech companies are doing their part.”

Since Earth Day 2020, Multihouse has come a long way from just providing reusable water bottles to employees. Nowadays, Multihouse champions sustainability and community improvement in all of its projects. Julia Tranfaglia, Head of Production and Chief of Staff at Multihouse says, “It’s not enough anymore to produce good content, but the way in which it’s produced must be good, too.”

Trash Force has evolved and includes an initiative called Sustainable Sets, where unused materials from Los Angeles productions are redistributed to nonprofits that provide these essential supplies to local unhoused and impoverished communities. Multihouse plans to provide Sustainable Set resources to help productions of all sizes plan their sets in a more eco-friendly, conscientious way from the beginning.

Michael’s intent to develop strategic partnerships with nonprofits came to fruition in tandem with the company’s sustainability efforts. This led to the creation of Multihouse’s ENGAGE program, where startups and nonprofits alike work together in a symbiotic ecosystem to further community goals.

In February of 2021, ENGAGE hosted its first supply drive, in which a good portion of the supplies came from entertainment productions, including ABC’s Pooch Perfect. These relationships have been spearheaded by our Head of Sustainability and Community Engagement Nikki McLelland, who says, “We are thinking about our environmental impact now, what it will be in the future, and doing everything we can to start off on the right path. Moving forward, our hope is to minimize our waste in every area of our business, educating both our employees and our consumers, and delivering us to carbon neutrality.”

As Multihouse’s efforts grow, they plan to expand their community outreach, environmental conservation efforts, volunteer opportunities, and charitable endeavors.


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