Reader's Digest: The New Year’s Resolutions 14 CEOs Are Making for 2020

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Michael Tessler, CEO and Founder of Multihouse, spoke with Reader's Digest about his 2020 New Year's Resolution.

“I’m putting health over wealth.”

Over the past 18 months, Michael Tessler, CEO of Multihouse Entertainment, has lost 160 pounds. This huge achievement changed his life and made him rethink his priorities for himself and his employees. “This year, I resolve that health must always take priority over wealth,” he says. “I’m going to encourage and support myself and my team by providing tangible resources for promoting good physical and mental health in our office. For instance, I am implementing a system to streamline workloads, offering more time off, and scheduling healthy team activities like hikes.” If you’re interested in a health transformation of your own, this is the secret for actually keeping your New Year’s resolutions, according to science.

Taking Michael's lead, Multihouse plans to kick off more health and wellness initiatives in 2021 and beyond, integrating seamlessly with content experiences and company culture.


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