AllWork: The Reality of Running and Using Virtual Coworking Spaces

In AllWork’s article showcasing the pros and cons of virtual coworking, Michael Tessler (CEO and Founder of Multihouse) gave his perspective.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Multihouse “used virtual coworking spaces to help grow its product line in the entertainment and technology fields. These digital workspaces have been used to develop AR experiences, write graphic novels and coordinate massive film productions with the company’s nationwide team of storytellers.”

“Growth that would usually take years has been achieved in months, since we’re able to look beyond geography when building a creative team. Those who would otherwise never have the opportunity to create products in Hollywood are able to do so from the comfort of their home.”

This has only expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic when practically all companies have had to transition to a virtual setting. Multihouse has more than tripled in size over the course of 2020, and will continue growing rapidly as projects and programs move forward. As Michael says, this has created, “one seamless workflow that doesn’t consider geography when hiring talent.”

Despite the benefits of working from home and a global virtual workforce, Multihouse still sees the incredible benefits of in-person collaboration. “Even with all these advancements in tech, you can’t beat the power or sincerity of a handshake.”

Looking to the future of hybrid models, Multihouse will continue to find ways to better support creative collaboration both in person and online.


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