Wall Street Journal: Find Your Zen, Then Crush Your Job Interview

Michael Tessler, CEO and Founder of Multihouse, shared his job interview advice with the Wall Street Journal.

Quizzing yourself before an exam can improve performance, research shows. Before interviewing for a job as an actor at Disney World in Florida, Michael Tessler recorded some likely interview questions so he could practice his answers—with a twist. He recorded the questions imitating the voices of Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Kermit the Frog, throwing in a few queries in the voice of Richard Nixon for good measure.

When the Disney interviewer asked him some of the same questions, he suppressed a chuckle. “I couldn’t shake the sound of Kermit’s voice,” says Mr. Tessler, 26, chief executive of Multihouse Entertainment, a Los Angeles startup. “They said after the interview my constant smile was the reason I got the job. Little did they know that was because I saw Richard Milhous Nixon sitting in the interviewer’s chair.”


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