VoyageATL: Meet Michael Tessler of Multihouse

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

In VoyageATL’s one-on-one interview with Michael Tessler, he delves into his personal history as well as detailing the obstacles he’s experienced as CEO and Founder of Multihouse.

“We’ve faced many challenges at Multihouse Entertainment. None greater than overcoming the challenges of acquiring capital. Thankfully we’ve got the greatest team in the world and have been able to bring along some wonderful investors and have received funding for several of our projects.” A sentiment shared by many entrepreneurs leveraging innovative companies.

“Our rapid growth is unusual and has captured the interest of a variety of industry leaders,” including Dr. Andrea Schievella, Robert Karp, and Michael Young, who are now members of Multihouse’s advisory board.

Dr. Schievella, a longtime mentor at the MIT Venture Mentor Service has been helping guide the Multihouse leadership team through various stages of startup growth and development. She has assisted us in identifying strategies to raise venture capital, scale, and develop proprietary technologies. She has been an invaluable asset to the team and has helped us ensure our values are self-evident across all elements of our company.

Robert Karp is no stranger to growing a startup. He's helped scale his fair share of tech companies. In fact, he helped grow Kenan Systems from 24 staff members to 1,100. A veteran of MIT, he served as their Senior Industrial Liaison Officer for over a decade and now serves as key member of the Multihouse Advisory Board. He's been teaching the Multihouse team to build dynamic relationships across industries, scale with purpose, and develop leadership practices that'll keep us innovating for years to come.

Multihouse plans to continue “merging technology and art in new and spectacular ways with our powerful franchises and immersive creative experiences.” Such experiences will be greatly benefitted by the contributions of longtime creative and advisor Michael Young whose 20-year industry leading career in gaming includes the Creative Direction of the Madden NFL video game franchise. In 2017, with his vision and under his direction, Madden released its first full-length interactive feature film, crossing entertainment mediums and broadening the franchise’s scope.

“We believe in pushing the limits of storytelling by empowering our storytellers to do what they do best. Audiences deserve quality content that innovates and inspires… We are most proud of the people who have made [Multihouse] what it is today,” and will continue to learn and grow with the guidance of the industry leaders on our advisory board.


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