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Our Story

A Personal Note from our CEO:

Years before the formation of Multihouse I sold newspaper ads door-to-door while appraising historical items at a pawn shop on the weekends. It was tough work. My dream of becoming a storyteller and starting a company must have seen pretty far fetched back then. 

There was one person who believed in me. My childhood best friend, Brandon Myers. A gifted composer who was suffering from a brutal degenerative disease that robbed him of his ability to walk or use his arms. He refused to let that hold him back. 

Brandon would fearlessly ride into Tinder dates with his electric wheelchair. When unable lift his arms to conduct an orchestra for a music class…he invented a way to do it with his head and eyes. He was extraordinary. You can imagine just how little sympathy he had for me when I broke down one day…resigning myself to a life of little note or adventure. 

He reminded me that anything is possible and told me I'd make all those dreams happen. He was certain of it. How could I disagree with someone who literally climbed a mountain in a wheelchair? 

So we did what best friends do. We made a pinky promise, an unbreakable vow, to pursue our dreams to the end of the Earth and never stop inspiring each other.

Brandon passed away a year later. We were only 24. 

So I got to work on fulfilling the promise we made to each other. It started by transposing and incorporating Brandon's compositions into my first major film project, bringing Brandon's dream of being a film composer to life. Shortly thereafter, I packed my bags and started the cross-country trek to my fulfill my end of the bargain. 

 And so, the story of Multihouse began. 

Our Story:

Ours is a story of stories; Of reading books under the covers with a flashlight, Of popcorn and big screens, of campfires, and dreams. Of a movie store clerks, pizza chefs, web designers, and newspaper salesmen leaving everything to move to the end of the Earth, the last coast, Los Angeles in pursuit of work as storytellers.


Collectively, the Multihouse Creative Engine has created comics, games, musicals, movies, novels, documentaries, newspaper columns, and at least one immersive rock opera. We live and breathe stories. If there's one thing that unites our work, regardless of medium or genre, it's the satisfaction of the audience leaning forward and asking, "What happens next?"


That's up to you. How can we help tell your story?

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