Hosted by Emma Dayton Petersen & Preston Stewart

Produced by A.K. Moore

Mystery or History is a non-fiction podcast that boldly explores the question marks of history. So much of our past consists of unsolved mysteries.  Though scholars and experts may speculate, few endeavor or succeed in getting to the truth. We seek to do just that and examine the fact and fiction behind some of history’s most interesting legends, myths, folklore, and conspiracies. By the end of each episode, we want our audience to answer the question: is it a mystery or is it history?


Featuring expert historical opinions, exciting new pieces of evidence, and fascinating perspectives and commentary...this series seeks to unravel the past and provide real insight into the mysteries that shaped our reality.


Featuring two dynamic co-hosts from uniquely different backgrounds as well as alternating guests, each episode is a near hour of non-stop storytelling perfect for casual listeners and hardcore historians alike.



Created by Michael Tessler
Written by Richard Christianson, Nessa Cannon, & David Morrissey, Jr. 
Produced by David Morrissery, Jr. & A.K. Moore 
Art by Chandler Misseijer

This augmented reality experience uses the interactive Metaverse platform to transport players into the immediate aftermath of Red Rover.  Interact with both familiar and unfamiliar characters and race against the clock to stop a hydrogen bomb from destroying an allied stronghold.  Featuring stylized graphics and an alternate ending, you’re in control wherever you are.

Still There.png


Directed by Dakota Lupo
Created by Michael Tessler
Story by Julia Tranfaglia, Michael Tessler, and J.W. Hendricks

 A six part mini-series, Still There follows the supporting characters’ unique stories leading up to and following the battle for the hydrogen bomb in Civil Defense: Red Rover. These shorts immerse audiences deeper into the story with an expanded view of the narrative from varying perspectives.

Desert Cache.png


Directed by Julia Tranfaglia

Produced by Michael Tessler

In post-nuclear war America, Civil Defense leader Chuck McAllister finds himself lost in the desert with no supplies and dwindling hope after having lost his companions in a plane crash. Equipped with nothing but his wits, he wanders the desert in search of a hidden cache left behind by a group of resistance fighters that leads him to the Citadel. Created as a proof-of-concept for Civil Defense: Red Rover and Civil Defense: Still There, this 360° short uses Firework’s patented reveal technology to create a visual treasure hunt that transforms your mobile device into something of a periscope. Audiences have the chance to find story clues hidden throughout the short.