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Kali Mutty

Kali Mutty (she/her) is the President of Multihouse. She is focused on creating strategies and systems to accomplish the company’s creative and business goals. Originally from Bartlett, New Hampshire, Kali graduated summa cum laude from Florida State University. She worked for the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee and later at recreational cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, where she excelled as both General Manager and Marketing Director. Kali was instrumental to the creation and success of multiple award-winning, best-selling cannabis brands in Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, California, and Jamaica.

She has since been a marketing consultant for a supplement brand, real estate agency, tech start-up, public speaker, non-profit organization, boutique fitness studio, car wash, and additional cannabis brands. She co-founded the Grief Heroes Foundation, where she designed, edited, and published 9 children's books. Kali is also a certified yoga and pilates instructor. Kali's varied experience creating and managing brands in both unique and challenging industries showcases her adaptability and perseverance.

Kali previously served as Head of Marketing and Public Relations for Multihouse and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in August 2021. In 2024, she was named President of Multihouse.

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