Jake Shadrake


Jake Shadrake is the Composer-in-Residence and is responsible for scoring films, television series, and other media produced by Multihouse. Originally from Chicago, Jake studied composition in New York and has a degree in Scoring for Film and Multimedia from New York University. He has been professionally composing since 2013 and is proud to have worked on dozens of films, as well as with companies like Wild Honey, on their web series Hot Summer Daze, and Fandom Entertainment, on some of their YouTube shows.


Jake first joined forces with Multihouse in 2019 writing the score for Civil Defense: Red Rover, as well as the sequel Still There series. Since joining the team he is proud to have worked on a multitude of other projects such as Redcoats and Petticoats, and the podcast Mystery or History


Jake grew up listening to the sweeping symphonic themes of John Williams and, since a very young age, has always been drawn to the music of film. Though he got his start in more traditional orchestral music, his style now aims to merge the organic sounds of acoustic instruments with the otherworldly and seemingly impossible realm of digital and synthesized electronic sounds.  The goal for each new project being to create an entirely new and unique sonic world for the viewer/listener to be immersed in.