- FILM -

Civil Defense Red Rover.png


Creator & Executive Producer - Michael Tessler

Director/Writer - Julia Tranfaglia

Producer - A.K. Moore

A young Civil Defense radio technician finds herself in the midst of battle over the last hydrogen bomb.  She fights her way to the operating base where fellow Civil Defense fighters struggle to provide medical care and communicate with their allies while fending off enemies hoping to steal the bomb.  She and many other average citizens are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save their country.

Civil Defense Rendezvous.png


Director - Julia Tranfaglia
Producer - Michael Tessler

In 1953, an American paratrooper crash lands in the outskirts of Illinois after being shot down by an unknown enemy. He searches for his fellow paratroopers who returned home after a communication blackout by the military, only to discover America is a wasteland. The United States has fallen into a devastating all-out civil war following global Cold War tensions turning hot. A fierce leader welcomes him to the resistance, where he chooses a new flag and must risk everything to save his comrades and his country before it’s too late.

City Beautiful.png


Director - Julia Tranfaglia
Producer - Michael Tessler

Against his will, William Brack is drafted into the American Civil War, leaving his family behind while he experiences firsthand the horrors of the battlefield.  Upon finally returning to his quaint home in Louisiana, he discovers that his entire family has succumbed to typhoid fever. Left with nothing and no one but the dream of founding a beautiful city for them, he decides to persevere and build it in their memory. Based on the true story of the founding of Orlando, The City Beautiful.