The Multihouse Engage Accelerator is a program aimed at expanding opportunities and interconnecting collaboration for community and business development in Los Angeles, brought to you by Multihouse made possible by the generosity of Second Home. By connecting startups and non-profits across varying industries and interests, we are able to create a symbiotic ecosystem that elevates each members’ impact, growth, and community engagement.

This pilot program recognizes the enormous challenges facing Los Angeles and our planet, but exists to prove that through innovation, strategic partnerships, mentorships, and community we can solve any problem. That is why Multihouse is partnering with transformative spaces to expand opportunities for those startups and artists during the duration of their program. Our one essential requirement for entry: give good.


Our goal is to facilitate measured progress with real results and direct community impacts. Rather than encouraging a climate of competition in business, we want to build an uplifting cooperative that advances our organizations’ shared goals. It is no longer enough to create good work, but the means by which we create said work must also be constructive. Join us as we look to transform the way we do business and innovate!



  • Complimentary office space

  • Access to essential office amenities (free printing, conference rooms, barista services, community events, and more)

  • Access to networking and mentoring with world-class non-profit organizations, government agencies, and veteran industry leaders

  • Comprehensive and customized planning sessions to help outline a path towards your goals 

  • Gain insight and feedback from other professionals within the community

  • Other exclusive opportunities developed solely for members

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Multihouse and the Second Home team receive a proclamation from the Los Angeles City Council for their work on ENGAGE.