The Multihouse Engage Accelerator is a program aimed at expanding opportunities and interconnecting collaboration for community and business development in Los Angeles, brought to you by Multihouse made possible by the generosity of Second Home. By connecting startups and non-profits across varying industries and interests, we are able to create a symbiotic ecosystem that elevates each members’ impact, growth, and community engagement.

This pilot program recognizes the enormous challenges facing Los Angeles and our planet, but exists to prove that through innovation, strategic partnerships, mentorships, and community we can solve any problem. That is why Multihouse is partnering with transformative spaces to expand opportunities for those startups and artists during the duration of their program. Our one essential requirement for entry: give good.


Our goal is to facilitate measured progress with real results and direct community impacts. Rather than encouraging a climate of competition in business, we want to build an uplifting cooperative that advances our organizations’ shared goals. It is no longer enough to create good work, but the means by which we create said work must also be constructive. Join us as we look to transform the way we do business and innovate!



  • Complimentary office space

  • Access to essential office amenities (free printing, conference rooms, barista services, community events, and more)

  • Access to networking and mentoring with world-class non-profit organizations, government agencies, and veteran industry leaders

  • Comprehensive and customized planning sessions to help outline a path towards your goals 

  • Gain insight and feedback from other professionals within the community

  • Other exclusive opportunities developed solely for members

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Multihouse and the Second Home team receive a proclamation from the Los Angeles City Council for their work on ENGAGE.


2021-2022 MEMBERS



Born and raised in the “Peach State” of Georgia, Joseph Johnson grew up in a community that fostered creativity and original storytelling. Pursuing his dream of being a screenwriter, Joe took the next step by receiving a B.A. in Media Art Production at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. In the past couple years, he produced numerous short films, such as: Passage, The Graduation Party, and The Butterfly of La Luna Lane. It was through these projects Joe found a passion for the development side of productions. To learn more about development, Joe was a development intern at Thomas Schlamme’s production company, Shoe Money Productions, where he conducted script and novel coverage. He was also a marketing intern at Competition Clutch, Inc. and an usher and VIP Host at the Colonial Theatre in Boston, as well. Joe is currently working as an Attractions Host at Disneyland Resort and a member of the Multihouse Engage Accelerator where he continues to grow his skills of public speaking, writing and management. On his days off, you can find Joe going on hikes, catching up on his backlogged library and going to museums.



Raima Amjad was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a BA in Literature and Writing with a specialization in Creative Writing. Growing up in the film capital of the world, she turned her skills of storytelling towards the big screen to become a screenwriter for film and television. Though she primarily focuses on narrative work, she is also currently working on a documentary highlighting issues of mental health and awareness. With her varied background in teaching children, working in the food industry, and volunteering at a hospital she was able to hone her communication skills and have enough life experiences to easily create engaging content appealing to a wide range of demographics. Like the aim of the Multihouse Engage program, Raima loves giving back to the community through service and outreach. She appreciates the value of hands-on work, building connections directly with the people who are affected by her efforts. Through her involvement in community work as well as producing engaging content that aims to highlight social issues and instill change, Raima tries to refine the state of the world using entertainment as her platform for betterment.



For more than four decades, Covenant House has helped transform and save the lives of more than a million homeless, runaway and trafficked young people. They offer housing and support services to young people in need – currently reaching 50,000 youth every year. Coming off the streets, the young people they serve are usually disconnected from their families and other social support – kids who have endured traumatic and adverse childhood experiences. In addition to living on the streets, many have survived abusive homes, spent time in juvenile justice facilities, aged out of foster care or have been victims of human trafficking and exploitation. Covenant House's comprehensive program builds a life-affirming bridge for young people by engaging youth on the street (Street Outreach) providing no-barrier, safe, short-term housing to meet their immediate needs (Immediate Care), and longer-term transitional housing (Rights of Passage) to assist those who are ready for more independent living. Their work is guided by a mission to serve youth with absolute respect and unconditional love... to help kids who are suffering... and to protect and safeguard all children in need.


During the month of December, the Multihouse Engage Accelerator organized a toy drive to support Lemon Grove, who distributes donations to local children in Hollywood. The generous amount of toys (see photos!) meant we could brighten over a hundred kids' lives this holiday season. We are so incredibly grateful to everyone, both near and far, who helped in that endeavor. 

Throughout the program, our members have been hard at work serving the community alongside our friends at Covenant House. Through trash pickups and flower planting, we've been working to better the community for all our neighbors in Hollywood'.

2019-2020 MEMBERS




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Lending Relief.png
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During the month of February, we partnered with the non-profits in the Multihouse Engage Accelerator to host a supply drive benefitting the unhoused and impoverished community of Los Angeles.  We were overwhelmed by the generous amount of donations (full list below!) and we are so incredibly grateful for everyone who supported our efforts.  The supplies collected will directly help hundreds of people in need.  Even though our Supply Drive is over, support is always needed and appreciated, so you can donate to Benekit, Lending Relief, and The Sidewalk Project at any time using the links at the bottom of this page!


  • Toothbrushes - 312

  • Toothpaste - 201 tubes

  • Socks - 170 pairs

  • Gloves - 2,115 pairs

  • Water - 66 gallons

  • Hand Sanitizer Bottles - 541

  • Hand Sanitizer Tubs - 92.8 gallons

  • Shampoo - 37

  • Conditioner - 28

  • Deodorant - 48

  • Razors - 60

  • Shaving Cream - 43 fl oz

  • Food Cans - 40

  • Protein Bars/Snacks - 18

  • Sunscreen - 20

  • Tampons - 14 boxes

  • Menstrual Pads - 204

  • Lip Balm - 18

  • Facial Tissues - 11 packs

  • Face Masks - 1,394

  • Soap - 40 bars

  • Lotion - 17

  • Sanitizing Wipes/Gel Packs - 1,755

  • First Aid Supplies - 242

  • Toilet Paper - 78

  • Paper Towels - 25

  • Gowns - 463

  • Towels - 90

  • Misc - 1 pack of Diapers, 15 Umbrellas, 1 pair of Shoes, 12 bags of Clothing, 1 Baby Basin



Benekit is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to solving the homeless crisis by providing emergency essentials kits, emotional support, and supportive housing. They have interviewed hundreds of homeless people, asking them "What do you need?" Surprisingly, food and water was on the bottom of the list. They learned that what the homeless needed the most is respect and support from their peers. After compiling all of the information from their interviews, they created four programs that would best address the ever growing homeless population: Emergency Essential Kits, A Friend in Need, Raising Awareness, Safe Haven Dwellings.

lending relief.PNG


Lending Relief is a non-profit organization that exists to bring relief to those experiencing homelessness and low income individuals in Los Angeles. Their mission is to create lifelong change that breaks the cycle of poverty. Lending Relief provides basic immediate needs to programs and people, building healthier communities and stronger relief efforts overall. Through their three main programs, Hygiene (Relief) Kits, Period Poverty, and Diaper Need, they actively serve the homeless, women and girls, and low-income families throughout Los Angeles.

sidewalk project.PNG


Through various mediums, including art, music, film & public health, this group aims to be socially active and to empower homeless communities around the world. They are a project based arts & public health organization that exists to create community and wellness for those who live outdoors. They are not trained social workers or therapists, they are artists who believe embracing the beauty of life is the way to enrich experience despite circumstance. They have several focus areas including harm reduction, mental wellness, street based sex workers, advocacy and wellness kits.