Ellie Lee

Senior UX/UI Designer

Ellie Lee is a Senior UX/UI Designer for Multihouse, responsible for the creation, ideation and design of mobile game interfaces & user experiences. Though her passion for the arts & design started at a young age, her pursuit towards a career in design only recently began once she finally decided to put away her calculator, close her excel spreadsheets, and leave her accounting career behind.


Before beginning her professional career in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, Ellie received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accountancy from the University of Mississippi. She passed the exams that made her a licensed Certified Public Accountant and spent three years working as an auditor for a Big 4 accounting firm.


After three busy seasons, countless inventory counts, and one global pandemic, Ellie decided it was time to make the pivot she had been dreaming about for years. In 2020, Ellie graduated from General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive program. Using her understanding of the overall business process and human-centered research to back her design decisions, she blends business needs and user goals to create intuitive and accessible user experiences.