Dan Duminuco
Product Development Consultant

Dan is spearheading the translation of stories into the physical world, promoting emotional connection via tangible experiences. He leverages a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Virginia Tech to inform problem identification and creative solutions. Professionally, he has spent five years in medical product development working with doctors, scientists, and electrical engineers bringing highly technical and novel ideas to life, as well as three years in mass manufacturing working on-site at production facilities learning how to design with awareness of materials and processes.


This end-to-end awareness to optimize efforts and output includes: understanding client needs, end use context, ergonomics/anthropometrics, rapid prototyping, geometric optimizations, aesthetic considerations, branding/graphic design, UI/UX wireframes, design for off-the-shelf component specification, raw material sourcing, production process selection, and packaging optimization.


Having taken a wide range of concepts to production and distribution, Dan brings the foresight of what to look out for from the onset of a project, resulting in realized visions.