Andrik Ochoa

Content Producer & Researcher

Andrik Ochoa (they/them) is a non-binary entrepreneur, actor, and producer based in Los Angeles, California. They have a degree in Performing Arts with emphasis in Acting from the Universidad de Guadalajara and UCLA. They are also an LGBTQ+ and Human Rights advocate who is passionate about promoting inclusion and diversity through their work. Their unique versatility has allowed them to bring to life both male and female characters across the board in film and theater. In 2018, they established The Unapologetic, Co. and have been working in a variety of industries including entertainment and fashion.

Their passion for history, storytelling, and humanity led them to become a television researcher and content producer. Andrik's personal journey of self-discovery and understanding their own identity has further inspired their love for storytelling and the desire to give a voice to the people and communities who need it most.