With a passion for the past and vision for the future, Multihouse works to revolutionize storytelling in order to better the world.


Through cutting-edge technologies and responsibly produced content, we are changing the way people engage with entertainment in order to benefit communities in need.




Our word is our bond at Multihouse. We are committed to operating in an honest, transparent manner with all of our clients and partners, meeting and surpassing expectations while ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction, trust, and quality.


We are pioneering multi-platform storytelling and advancing our industry through innovative technologies, responsible practices, and sustainable programs. We are constantly pushing new and creative solutions that challenge what’s possible.


Through providing a platform and amplifying the voices of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and other underrepresented communities, we aim to empower creators to tell unique stories that inspire empathy and advocacy in audiences.


Our team seeks to improve our community, both locally and globally, through outreach, environmental conservation, volunteer service, and charitable endeavors. We firmly believe that entertainment should be accessible and bring people together, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds.


Let’s transform the world one story at a time.


Michael Tessler and Brandon Myers always dreamed of telling stories. However, Brandon was born with a degenerative disease that would rob him of valuable time. Despite this, he wouldn’t let it limit him or his goals. Brandon’s courage in the face of adversity and boundless joy inspired Michael to pursue his passions, which led him to found the International Youth Congress. This non-profit organization provided young people with a platform for activism, opening his eyes to the importance of public service and social entrepreneurship.


Soon they added A.K. Moore to the team as their production needs grew. The trio was off to the races developing and producing cutting-edge, transmedia content for new streaming services. As Multihouse progressed, they realized that the content they sought to create would quickly outgrow the existing mediums. Taking this as an opportunity, they brought on Cooper Hardin and Nikki McLelland to help transition Multihouse to a tech entertainment hybrid, creating platforms and products that work seamlessly to bring communities together.


Only a few years after Brandon’s passing, Michael produced his first feature film, on which he met Julia Tranfaglia. Michael and Julia quickly bonded over shared histories and values and wanted to find a way to honor Brandon’s memory. The duo believed that entertainment could serve as both a powerful vehicle for empathy and a catalyst for positive change. With a passion for the past and vision for the future, they began collaborating with local historical societies to better educate their visitors through the creation of period pieces.


The origins of Multihouse date back to the many formative summers Michael spent at Camp Keewaydin. The camp’s 100-year-old auditorium, the “Multihouse”,  encouraged creativity among campers and introduced a young Michael to the magic of storytelling. Today, Multihouse is a company with a bold vision, empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  Its core values of integrity, innovation, and community foster an ecosystem where diversity is celebrated and potential can be explored, all while making a difference in the world.  Multihouse is a creative engine unlike anything else in Hollywood today.

To learn more about Brandon’s incredible legacy, watch this clip from the TODAY Show.