With a passion for the past and vision for the future, Multihouse works to revolutionize storytelling in order to better the world.


Through cutting-edge technologies and responsibly produced content, we are changing the way people engage with entertainment in order to benefit communities in need.




Our word is our bond at Multihouse. We are committed to operating in an honest, transparent manner with all of our clients and partners, meeting and surpassing expectations while ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction, trust, and quality.


We are pioneering multi-platform storytelling and advancing our industry through innovative technologies, responsible practices, and sustainable programs. We are constantly pushing new and creative solutions that challenge what’s possible.


Through providing a platform and amplifying the voices of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and other underrepresented communities, we aim to empower creators to tell unique stories that inspire empathy and advocacy in audiences.


Our team seeks to improve our community, both locally and globally, through outreach, environmental conservation, volunteer service, and charitable endeavors. We firmly believe that entertainment should be accessible and bring people together, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds.


Let’s transform the world one story at a time.


Michael Tessler made it his goal to serve his community from a young age. By the time he was 16 years old he had already passed his first bill in the New York State Senate and founded the International Youth Congress which served young people in over 25 different countries.

His real inspiration was his best friend, Brandon Myers. Inseparable since childhood, these two often dreamed of becoming storytellers and bringing change to humanity through the power of cinema and arts. Brandon was an extraordinary person. Diagnosed at a young age with Muscular Dystrophy, neither his wheelchair nor medical condition ever held him back from relentlessly pursuing his dreams. It was he who constantly encouraged Michael to push the limits and to be fearless in the pursuit of even the most ambitious goals. 

In 2016, Brandon passed away. Michael was devastated but knew the best way to honor his best friend would be living a life he’d be proud of. Shortly thereafter, Michael produced his first feature film, moved to Los Angeles, and became an award-winning film and television producer. 

After Brandon’s passing, Michael met someone who would forever change the trajectory of his life. Julia Tranfaglia, an Emerson College alumni, became Michael’s creative partner-in-crime. Multihouse was founded in 2018 as a collision of both service and storytelling. Combining creativity and passion into a force for good was at the heart of our vision.

Julia would become Michael's first hire at Multihouse and eventually its co-founder. Soon they welcomed rising director and fellow co-founder A.K. Moore to the team. Two years later, Cooper Hardin and Richard Christianson were named as additional co-founders for their contributions to the team.

In its first year, Multihouse was commissioned to produce an original series for a rising streaming platform and delivered large scale period productions for clients. It has grown quite a bit since then and now Multihouse has its own office right in the heart of Hollywood at Second Home LA. Over the years Multihouse has worked with a variety of clients and partners producing premium content that aims to make a difference. Today, they are a dynamic tech and entertainment hybrid - focused on bringing meaningful stories to life on existing and emerging mediums. 

That spirit of service has only strengthened during these difficult times. Multihouse's belief that doing good is good for business has earned it recognition and accolades from the Los Angeles City Council, Congressman Adam B. Schiff, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Though it remains a small startup, Multihouse's big vision for the future propels its storytellers forward.